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Robot creation Laboratory

  • "ACM-R5" Emeritus Professor Hirose and GE Assistant Professor Yamada developed was presented in the Nikkei Shinbun Denshiban(2013/05/14)
  • We joined "The Third HOT Flying Disc Meet" which held in Nagano for patients suffering from home oxygen therapy rehabilitation. Our robot carrying oxygen bomb was used by patients. (about)(2013/05/14)
  • Fukushima Lab. started !!(2013/04/01)
  • Assistant Professor Endo performed The Supporting Event "Robot Lecture" for Reconstruction of Touhoku at Kesennuma Koyo High School in Miyagi. The event is one of the project "Restoring Japan : Create Future by Science and Technology" by TITech Foundation Projects and sponsored by TITech, HiBot and OVAL HEART JAPAN. (2012/11/10)
  • Assistant Professor Endo, GE Assistant Professor Yamada and Prof. Hirose was awarded a Society of Instrument and Control Engineers paper prize. (Gen Endo, Hiroya Yamada and Shigeo Hirose : "Development of a Light Duty Hand-Arm System : Discoid Objects Handling by an Active-Fingertip Gripper", Society of Instrument and Control Engineers collected papers, No.47,Vol.12,pp.640-647(2011)) (2012/08/22)
  • "The vihicle carrying oxygen bomb for going out" was introduced in Diginfo TV. (2011/10/03)
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